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Marketers are Wrong Here: Capturing an Image Carousel in Mobile Design is Still a Great Idea

Image carousels seemed extremely useful for desktop designs. They consisted of large sprawling images that circled through and around, over and over again. But, they are being phased out. The phasing out process has intensified ever since Google officially announced that they are not penalizing websites that cater exclusively to the mobile format. In other words, there is no repercussions from Google for a website that is designed mobile-only (desktop users will see t, but it will likely have a mobile layout).

Two Arguments Against Using a Carousel

The two common arguments are clear. The first is that many mobile devices do not have the loading power to load multiple images at once. This is especially so if they are large, which they should be if it is a carousel. A carousel loads everything at once, even if only one image appears at once. That is an element of the code.

The second argument is the simple fact of the display. On a desktop, visitors see a large portion of the screen. There is a solid chance they will stay around long enough to see the image change. But, mobile visitors are more fickle and the action is faster. They will likely click away. The extension of that problem is how to find a way to fit the image in a mall screen. The real estate is higher with mobile design, and it seems wasteful to use a good portion of that on an image.

The Responses

Both of these arguments are reasonable. Des Moines SEO can find ways to work around them and make the carousel even better. The performance issue is only a matter of time. Most smartphones are perfectly capable of handing multiple images at once, especially with a 4G connection. The people who believe this are holding onto an idea from 2012, but technology changes too fast. The second argument can be fixed with a grid-like Web Design Des Moines. The main image appears on the screen in full. In the top left is a small grid icon. When clicked, it opens up all the images in the carousel. The design fits everything that needs to be present in a neat little package.

Website Design Des Moines can often use the carousel as a great method for organizing content and drawing traffic into a page. It should not be abandoned because the mobile format is smaller and slightly less conducive. With a small tweak in the Des Moines Web Design, the carousel is perfectly accommodated.